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Mission: 1 on 1 is dedicated
to reaching out to at-risk and
troubled youth to help them
develop positive outlooks 
toward authority and provide
them with alternatives to the 
types of activities that led 
them into their troubled 

This mission is being realized by the following:

  • Establishing a series of outdoor fishing experiences that will allow at-risk youth to interact with law enforcement and authority figures in a positive environment.

  • Creating a network of professionals from a large variety of fields who can present their professions in a positive way to youths that otherwise may not gain the exposure to the positive aspects of their professions.

  • Providing no-cost classes and seminars, covering a variety of interests to help youths develop and improve the quality of their lives.   Classes include such topics as: fly tying, rod and reel repair, survival training, forestry and more.    

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