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1 on 1 was built on the collaboration of Foothills Bait and Tackle, various county Probation and Diversion departments, the Police Cadet Program, Colorado Division of Wildlife, social services, schools, churches and other non-profits.  Our primary goal is to reach at-risk youth who have not had positive experiences with figures of authority by helping them to experience some of the finer things in life (like fishing)!  Initially, we have targeted youth already involved in the justice system that caseworkers have identified as potentially gaining benefit from the unique one on one mentoring provided by this outdoor learning experience.

Research shows that genuine sensory reconnection with nature, backyard or back country, psychologically and spiritually reunites us and helps us transform our destructive desires into constructive participation in the world. Fishing is a contemplative sport that facilitates your ability to integrate knowledge and experience into a successful, affordable, lifelong nurturing activity.

The concept for the program was developed by Mike Osthus, the owner of Foothills Bait and Tackle.  On an almost daily basis, Mike noticed young children from the neighborhood around his business simply hanging around with nothing to do and he took the time to talk to them about developing other interests.   As time went by he noticed that other businesses in the area were consistently getting "tagged" by graffiti artists while his business was left untouched.  

After seeing this Mike was able to reason that he had earned their respect because of his concern for their futures and that they might further benefit from other positive one on one experiences with a variety of authority figures.  1 on 1 Fishing Experience has taken Mike's idea and made it a reality.   1 on1 is helping these children not only by allowing them to experience fun, free outdoor activities (i.e. fishing, hiking, etc.) but also by offering a large variety of life-enriching no-cost seminars and classes (from fly fishing to careers and education).  Utilizing these tools, 1 on 1 firmly believes we can realize our mission and truly help to make a difference.   

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